Notes on a fascinating week in Ottawa, big blue tent 2.0, and men and women worth admiring.
From filibusters, to freak-outs, to family friends turned 'special rapporteurs,' the Liberals are signalling to the public this is no ordinary scandal.
On taking the Canadian culture wars with you, and the weak men who still endeavor to create hard times.
Trudeau serves up more red meat for his worried-well electorate, the conspiracy theorists keep racking up the wins, 'Tru-Anon' sets out to defend the…
On the Globe report heard 'round the world, the inevitable impropriety embedded within Justice Rouleau's POEC ruling, and where that leaves a nation…
On 'Current Thing' fatigue, and the importance of knowing when to opt out of the discourse.
Op-ed 'empaths' and DEI zealots have helped transform the MAiD slippery slope into an Olympic ski jump. The battle to save lives from an over-indulgent…
As the science refuses to settle, and third, fourth, and 'bivalent' doses waste away in warehouses, Steven Del Duca's dangerous foray into booster…
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